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It isn’t easy committing to a change in technology, whether it is driven by growth or something outside of your control, it is normal to feel uncomfortable with the process.

Many projects fail to deliver on the value proposed because the discovery process is glanced-over instead of a point of focus.  At ATG we are happy to take a look at what you are planning to do, or struggling to decide, and provide our recommendations.

Having someone you can trust to represent your best interests, convey business concepts to technical resources, and convey technical concepts to business resources, should not be considered a luxury.  It is a necessity.

Here are some questions to ask yourself. If you answer No to any we know how to help.

  • Is there a resource on my internal team that has done this before?  If so, do I know for sure that they were successful?
  • Has my vendor proven that they care about my needs over their own?
  • Has my vendor provided me a resource that has “been there before” and was successful?
  • Has the person who will be accountable to me for delivery of a successful project asked me about what matters to me?  Have they proven to be familiar with my situation?
  • I know for sure that if the primary person responsible for this project needs to end their role for any reason, there is someone ready to pick up right where they left off?
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