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There is no “One Size Fits All” in business. It is the small details that make the most difference.

Regardless of size and condition, we are here to help. We spend time on discovery because understanding your unique needs and constraints is what is most important to building an effective solution. If you are looking to supplement your current IT staff, recently lost a critical resource and need to plug in expertise, or simply want to outsource support for your employees, we have a service that fits.


In order to maintain the low client to ATG-personnel ratio we employ FASTeams. Focused, Agile, and Specialized teams are created in order to maintain a subset of our clients. This allows us to focus employee training on a limited number of environments, keep things highly personal on the help desk, and ensure our team has plenty of opportunity to grow their career.

Help Desk – Always Us

We staff our help desk with our own employees, in our offices, armed with our best practices and the documentation that we produce for your business. We will never outsource your support. The person on the end of the line will know your name, and you will know theirs. This is one way that ATG is truly unique and we will stay that way.

We’re ready to help you.

Is there anything in this list that you would like to understand more about?

  • Employee Helpdesk
  • Server Management
  • VDI
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Printing/Scanning
  • ISP/Network Design and Build
  • Asset Management
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Backups
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